Where is the Christian Mind?


“There is no longer a Christian mind,”[1] So says Harry Blamires in his book, 'The Christian Mind.' Nancy Pearcy comments on this observation as follows:

What did Blamires mean? To say that there is no Christian mind means that believers may be highly educated in terms of technical proficiency, and yet have no biblical worldview for interpreting the subject matter of their field. “We speak of the 'modern mind,' and of the 'scientific mind,' using that word 'mind' of a collectively accepted set of notions and attitudes,” Blamires explains. But we have lost the Christian mind. There is now no shared, biblically based set of assumptions on subjects like law, education, economics, politics, science, or the arts. As a moral being, the Christian follows the biblical ethic. As a spiritual being, he prays and attends worship services. But as a thinking Christian, he has succumbed to secularism.[2]

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What profession are you in? Would you say that you have what Blamires calls "a Biblical set of assumptions" about the work that you do? Do you have a Biblical perspective on your industry that makes your philosophy, attitude, and approach to your work distinguishable from your non-Christian colleagues? Does your Christian faith materially inform not just your habits in the workplace, but the very substance of your work? Does God even care about the answers you give to any of these questions?

Over the last ten or so years, I have wrestled over these questions with Christians from different countries and different walks of life.  I've created this website as a resource for those of you who are asking similar questions and seeking to bridge the gap between Sunday and Monday; between what you know is true about God and what you spend most of your time doing - work.

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My weekly blogs will be a combination of Biblical theology, book reviews, social commentary, and interviews with fellow believers in the trenches of day-to-day work. My hope is to play a part in accelerating the development of Christian thought on world of work, which in turn will lead to increasingly impactful redemptive engagement in the marketplace.

[1] Blamires, The Christian Mind.

[2] Pearcey, Total Truth.